Well & Water System Design

Baudhuin Surveying & Engineering understands the importance of providing a clean, usable water supply, not only for the current population, but also for future growth and development. Whether the need is to expand distribution to developing areas or replace an aging system, we can assist the community in implementing improvements.

Capabilities include hydraulic modeling to determine how to expand distribution, alleviate low pressure areas and add redundancy to the water system. Baudhuin Surveying & Engineering has designed numerous “other than municipal” water systems for clients who lie outside the reach of public facilities.

Utilizing local well installer’s knowledge is critical to determine aquifer capacities in the area slated for development. If adequate daily demand and fire flow capacity exists in the aquifer it may be possible to provide fire flow without installing a storage reservoir. Typically this type of installation would require two wells to provide redundancy necessary to assure fire flow protection availability.  If the capacity is not adequate a reservoir with booster pumps is typically designed.

Our expertise includes:

  • Water system analysis and computer modeling
  • Municipal well design
  • Water main design
  • Storage reservoir design
  • Booster pump design
  • Pressure tank design
  • Well house planning and permitting

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